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I’m so happy you’re here…

My name is Jenn Koch and I’m the face behind the camera for Lights of Mine. I am a natural light wedding and portrait photographer inspired by personal stories. My photo taking journey began 7 years ago and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the adventures and relationships that have happened along the way. I almost feel guilty that I call what I do "work" because I love it so much. Creating relationships, hearing your story, seeing your vision and dreaming about the possibilities is what Im all about! 

In a nutshell, I am saved by grace and my life is found in Jesus! All because of Him I got to marry my best friend. (who is a total babe and can whip up any pinterest dream I pitch to him) We have 3 beautiful kiddos (two girls & a boy) and one handsome Chocolate Lab! You might see me busting a move at wedding receptions or singing in my car like no one's wathcing. (sorry in advance) On the daily I drink coffee, snuggle my babies, create and think about how I can rearange my furniture. (for the millionth time) Im not afraid to dream big and whatever season of life I'm in I will always keep chasing the light! I seek to create images for my clients that authentically portray their hearts. I live to catch the moments in between and thrive on two people who can't take their eyes off each other! The name Lights of Mine was inspired by Psalm 36:9 which reads: "In Your light, we see light." Light has always had a way of inspiring me, but Im not just talking about sun beams and sunsets that create dreamy lighting. I believe it to be much more than that. To me, It is how he reaches for her hand and in that very moment steals her heart away or how she pulls him close and in a crowd of people sees only him. It's the way a mother and baby exchange eskimo kisses or the expression of one who is driven by a dream! It's your individual story that inspires me. No two are alike and thats what makes yours unique and beautiful. I hope we can come together and create something that makes your light shine for years to come!

” In Your light, we see light”

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